Why Strategies for Small Business?

Strategies for Small Business is an expert in small business financing, whether an existing business or start-up.  Every business is at a different stage in its development and has particular capital needs.  At Strategies, we tailor the best fit for each businesses financial demands. We know as experts in SBA lending, that through the downturn of the economy, lending has became increasingly difficult. Many doors have been slammed shut. Therefore, we develop on a continuing basis new programs to meet the requisites of small business owners. 

These new programs are devised to meet the ever-changing landscape of our small business clients. We are also particularly mindful of changing economic environments, industry variations, new technologies, competitive advantages and particular challenges. And sometimes, we have to combine different financing vehicles to accomplish the desired result. Unlike other firms that “cookie cutter” their favored loan program and are essentially inflexible, we are all about options. We analyze your specific enterprise and where you are in its development curve--then suggest different avenues to fit your specific requirements.

Fortunately, Principal Sue Malone is known nationally for her specialty in SBA lending, smoothing the away against its myriad requirements and sometimes unforgiving SOPs. This also means that invariably, we do custom lending. If one program is not forthcoming, we try another and sometimes another until we can deliver the capital you need. 

During the downturn of the economy, small businesses were many times left at the curb by major banks and other institutions. We are here to make sure this does not happen to you and your business. And there will always be capital available under the multiple channels of which we have access. Although the economy has improved somewhat, small businesses are still deficient in obtaining capital at a fair rate. If there is a way, we will find that channel.